Rinks Bookings

  CAN I HAVE THIS? YES you can!

It's not that difficult. but does take a while to set everything up so that it works as it does here. Just click on the SKEDDA link to get started.

Alternatively, CamBowls can do it for you, but we'll need to charge, because it does take time. How about a tenner, that's not unreasonable is it?

It does work as a standalone site, so all you will need to do is direct your members to the link we'll provide, then off you go...bowling again!

Of course, if your club is a member of the CamBowls community, you'll get it integrated into your website too. It just gets better, doesn't it?

Contact us at info@cambowls.co.uk and lets get this thing started!
     SO, HOW DO I BOOK? Click on the grey Book HERE! logo for a start. Please don't be afraid to try this out, there's no commitment, it's not a real bowls club booking, but it could be your clubs!

On your first visit you will be asked to register, with name and email address. On subsequent visits it should remember you.
Please note that these details will not be visible to anyone other than us, but it won't work if you don't provide them, and don't worry, we won't come chasing you!

Once you have a view of the calendar, select the date and click on the time+rink slot you would like, then click the green Book button. You will be redirected to the New Booking form.
Check that all the details are correct, add the name of your playing partner (or enter 'None') and tick the Terms Agreement box.
Confirm the booking and you will be sent a confirmation email. Don't worry it's not a real booking!

Thank you for reading, now enjoy your game!